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How do I submit a match report?

The HeadLions is the weekly newsletter that contains the match reports from the previous weeks matches together with general Club information on events as well as information regarding our great sponsors. It is well worth the effort to submit a report as the children take great delight in seeing their name in print.




  1. Select Match Reports from the mani menu and then select the menu item Submit a Match Report.
  2. Complete all the fields marked with an * as these are mandatory (note: the form will prompt to complete a field if you miss it)
  3. complete the security section by typing the text shown next to the box, into the security code box. If you don't complete this properly, then form will display an error message and clear the form, forcing you to start again.
  4. Click on the Submit button,  Click on the Reset button to clear the form and start again.
The following is the minimum information required:
  • Teams Age/Division and opposition name together with the score for each team. eg: U6/A WPHC (2) vs Roselea (2)
  • Be positive and encouraging and try to mention children’s names.
  • If the team has a Man or Person of the Match (MOTM or POTM) award, mention that at the end.
  • For Mini's (U6 to U8) and Juniors (U9 to U12) remember to include your assessment for the McDonalds Award. in the bottom section.


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