Welcome to Special Needs Football at West Pennat Hills Cherrybrook Football Club


Special Needs Football for children with intellectual disabilities The Special Soccer program is designed to have children enjoy themselves, participate and enjoy the benefits of participating in a team sport environment. The program will parallel or simulate a match played between two junior teams. Our first season in 2006 was a great success and we hope to develop the program further this year.


Season Start Date

The season generally begins around the begining of April.



We are registering players soon, so contact us today!

See the Pre-Season links in the main navigation menu for registration forms etc. Also, it pays to keep an eye on the Events Calendar and Latest Events list for actual registration dates and events for Special Needs football. If you would like to know more you can contact the Special Needs Co-ordinator  (see contact details at bottom of page).


When and where will the games be played?

The season will around the begining of April. Please check back here closer to April for updated information.


Who will be playing?

The sport is designed for children with intellectual disabilities (for example autism / down syndrome to name two). Each child will have a chaperone on the field at all times to help focus on the ball and keep the game moving. The teams will be mixed and where appropriate players matched for size/strength/ability, which may be outside their age group. There will be no mid-week training sessions.


How much will it cost?

All players will require shorts, shin guards (mandatory), socks and shoes or boots. Socks are available from the club at a reasonable cost.  Please refer to the reistration fees sheet via the Main menu. The registration fees are the same for all players, regardless of age. Note: Players need to be under that age as at the 30/06/08, eg: 8 years of age on the 24/6/08 is an under 9 player.


Can I help?

Absolutely. We will need a few people on the day to "referee" the matches, organise the players into teams, mark out the pitch and above all to cheer and encourage the players.


How can I find out more information and register?

Check on our Club Contact List (under Age Coordinators) for the contact details of  the Special Football Coordinator. They can assist you with futher information.